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Movement in extreme areas
In aerospace and astronautics, resilience to extreme loads and maximal reliability are an absolute requirement. Examples of this include our flexible elements and pipe systems in the civilian Airbus fleet of aircraft, the Airbus Helicopter H135, Rolls Royce engines or the Ariane 5 and MPCV Orion space programs.


There is scarcely any field in which the requirements imposed on flexible pipe elements, technology and procedures are higher than in aerospace. Witzenmann offers a broad range of flexible metal hoses, diaphragm bellows, expansion joints and pipe systems.

Aerospace product overview

Safety and reliability through a certified quality management system

The goals of our quality strategy are the optimisation of internal processes in production, development and management, the reduction of quality costs and zero-fault quality for our products. We impose the highest standards with regard to product, service and process quality on ourselves in order to be able to guarantee safety and reliability in critical aerospace applications.

Aerospace Quality Certificates Image Text

For our aerospace activities we are certified in accordance with EN 9100 and, in addition, we have further aerospace and product-specific certifications and individual approvals from our customers.

  • NADCAP - Welding und Non Destructive Testing
  • various specific approvals from our customers
  • Euroqualiflex
  • EJMA
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Development partner for extremely safe flexible elements and pipe systems

Our certified process helps us find optimal product solutions - from initial idea to economical series production.

first metal bellows delivery for the aerospace industry
Witzenmann centres of expertise: Germany, France, Italy
593 km
height of the orbit of our diaphragm bellows in the Hubble Space Telescope (HST)

Extreme flexibility

Witzenmann Flex components satisfy the strictest safety standards and offer reliable performance, even under extreme loads.

You can find a few examples here:

Flexible Metal Tubes AS1424 for Aerospace Image Text
AS1424-Compliant Flexible Metal Hose Assemblies

On a plane compressed air is, among other things, necessary for the supply of oxygen and for air-conditioning, as well as for de-icing the wings and engines. The hose assemblies used have NADCAP certification for welding and test processes. Additionally, the hoses have various customer-specific approvals.

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Aerospace Trim tank metal hose Image Text
Trim Tank Kerosene Lines

The trim tank hoses for Airbus aircraft connect the fixed kerosene lines in the aircraft fuselage with the moveable trim tanks installed in the horizontal stabiliser, where they compensate for relative movements.

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Gimbal Joint Ball Joint Image Text
Ball and Gimbal Joints

Single-ply or multi-ply bellows feature a round or articulated anchor. They are used in bleed air systems in aircraft turbines or in cryogenic low-temperature fuel lines in launch vehicles.

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Tank Ducts Image Text
Tank Ducts

These protective pipes allow secure lead-through of electric cables and pipes through the aircraft tanks. Here, the ducts must be capable of accommodating all of the forces and motions resulting from aircraft manoeuvres and withstanding these stresses over the full service life of the plane.

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