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Edge Welded


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Edge Welded Bellows

As highly flexible parts, edge welded bellows are used for the absorption of movements, decoupling. lead-through, volume compensation usually in vacuum applications, or for low differential pressures. As a sealing or spring element with defined properties, edge welded bellows are also a functionally relevant component in vacuum valves or floating ring seals. Our broad portfolio of dimensions and materials offers customised solutions for every application, with defined degrees of purity on request. The components can also be used at high temperatures or cryogenic temperatures.

Diameter range: from 6 mm to 300 mm

Materials: Austenitic steels, Ni-based alloys, titanium, and hardenable alloys

Application examples for HYDRA edge welded bellows


Highly flexible UHV assemblies for the vacuum industry and semiconductor technology


Special solutions for decoupling, lead-through, volume compensation and as sealing element...


Dynamically sealing edge welded bellows made of special materials, hardened on request


For stem seals in vacuum valves and vacuum switches


Ready-to-install standard components with vacuum connections, highly flexible, pre-finishe...


Diaphragm discs according to customer's specifications

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