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Gimbal Joint Image Text

Gimbal Joints

Single or multi-ply bellows element with cardan anchors for the absorption of pressure thrusts, which is completely angularly flexible. Available with a variety of pipe connections. These products are available in weight-optimised designs in various diameters with internal anchoring.

  • best possible pressure resistance
  • completely gas-tight
  • angular flexibility up to 9°
  • maintenance-free
Ball Joints Image Text

Ball Joints

Single or multi-ply bellows element with ball-shaped metal anchoring with intermediate graphite slide ring for 360° angular flexibility. The nominal diameter of this low pressure design (up to 8 bar) ranges from DN 38 to DN 125.

  • the most compact construction of a metal bellows joint
  • absolutely gas-tight
  • minimum weight
  • angular flexibility up to ± 7°

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