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Witzenmann France is the subsidiary of the Witzenmann Group dedicated to the French market. Taking full advantage of more than 150 years’ experience as a group and drawing on its renown through its brand Hydra, Witzenmann has established itself now as the undisputed leader in flexible metal components throughout all business segments.

Our wide range of products such as metal hoses, metal bellows, expansion joints, pipe supports, and rupture discs enables us to meet the needs of our customers with customized designs, answering various issues of flowing common fluids, but also hazardous or corrosive fluids for which the service conditions - sometimes very constraining in terms of pressure and/or temperature among others - generate problems of dilatation, vibration, movement or risks pertaining to pressure which have to be compensated.

Our company offers you a proximate and qualified backing with the human touch, by teams of experts at the top of their fields, whenever you need a piece of advice at an early stage of a draft, or concerning your industrial needs in general, or an urgent matter as part of an operating constraint requesting a priority processing.

Taking account of your specific requirements is our day-to-day business so as to provide you with a cut to fit, professional and performing solution, within short delays of study and implementation.



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Witzenmann France

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